Fluid Flow Management.
Done right.

M8 Systems is an all-encompassing smart agricultural platform that allows you to monitor your farm, detect leaks and conserve water through our cloud-based dashboard - anytime, anywhere, with a cell connection.

FarmLink™ - The next-gen IoT Irrigation Management System for Ag

Connecting all farm processes under one unified cloud-based dashboard.

Keep your existing infrastructure, but enable total automation

M8 Systems' FarmLink Universal IoT Controller enables remote irrigation and fertigation management from mobile devices. The patented technology in our product eliminates the need to change the existing farm infrastructure. With FarmLink, simply connect your farm to the cloud!

Enjoy the simplicity of an intuitive graphical interface

M8 Systems 'AIoT' Ag intelligence platform combines local sensors and controllers to simultaneously lower farming costs and increase crop output. By adding agronomy data to our wholistic platform, we empower farmers to have real time awareness and control over their land.

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FarmLink™ Universal IoT Controller

Every Drop Counts™. Harnessing the Future of Precision Agriculture.

Reduced Cost of Operations

  • Eliminate excess irrigation by factoring soil moisture automatically
  • Reduce labor cost by over 50% with total automation
  • Eliminate water waste by real time leak detection
  • Cloud based control over farm infrastructure

Better Yield by Using Our Platform

  • Local microclimate
  • Soil type, soil moisture
  • Crop type
  • Solar radiation, wind, temperature
  • Soil temperature, relative humidity
  • Analytics with AI Assist, data repository

Fluid Flow Management with IoT Controller

  • Connect any existing valves to the cloud
  • Connect any existing pumps to the cloud
  • No prior infrastructure is needed (power or Wi-Fi)
  • Real time control & alerts
  • Real time leak detection
  • Manage any fluid such as oil, gas, water, and more

Our solar-based FarmLink Universal IoT Controller comes complete with different battery sizes capable of controlling valves on pipes up to 16 inches in diameter. The controller is compatible with a variety of irrigation pumps and valves including:

  • Hydraulic Valves (Latching solenoid)
  • Gate Valves
  • Motorized Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves